Choose To Be The Witness

Have you ever stopped to notice the way you view the world around you? Not just the obvious, in your face emotion inducing reactions but the subtle opinions you hold that speak quietly in your mind, so entrenched in your beliefs that you barley notice them flash through your consciousness. The judgements you not only hold around others but the judgements you hold about yourself.

What defines good or bad, right or wrong? For each person that defined spectrum varies based on cultural and societal programs, religious beliefs, family upbringing, life experiences, unresolved karma and more. But are those definitions ultimately true?

Unconditional love is the acceptance of all for what it is without judgement or expectation. An observation of what is.

What we judge in others is often a judgement we hold about ourself. When we shift into observation, we have the opportunity to see the divine plan in motion, zooming out to see each being, including ourself, as the divine expression of Gods light within the human experience. In the heart of source there is no good, bad, right or wrong, it simply is. We are in co-creation with the Divine having this experience in the third dimensional realm. Step back in wonder to see the magic unfolding around you in each moment. Let go and allow. Become the observer and surrender to love.

September 6, 2023 | Heather Harti, Soul Star Inspired Wellness

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