Planting The Seed

As someone held back by fear, I am constantly worried about being the weird guy talking passionately about all things spirituality, vibration and frequency, healing, growth and basically anything energy and soul related. I can’t help myself, it’s how I look at life now. The thing is though, most of the people I’m chatting with aren’t into it and I’m usually left over analyzing everything I said wishing I could just be “normal” for once.

But I’m not normal.

I’m not supposed to be normal.

I am here to help people awaken to who they really are, to heal and to grow and to open their pillar of light, raising the vibration of not only themselves but of those around them and Mother Earth. I am a seed planter. I see that now and as someone who loves the earth and all of her kingdoms, it’s a fitting position to be in. So I walk forward, planting seeds and shining my light and when those seeds are ready, through nurture and love, they will bloom within the hearts of those I have had the honor of sharing my awkward way of being the light.

July 24, 2022 | Heather Harti, Soul Star Inspired Wellness

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