The Spiral of Life

Food is hard for me and eating out is even harder.  I find myself incredibly lucky that I’ve found a restaurant I can eat at with bonus points for it being Mexican food.  The only caveat? It takes an hour to get there.  So when time had gotten away from me a few days ago, I no longer had the energy to move forward with plans for dinner out but still craved Mexican food.  In my hunger, exhaustion and disappointment I made a consideration I would later regret.  There is a local Mexican restaurant and when they first popped up as a taco trailer, I gave them a try after ensuring that I could eat the food before ordering.  They assured me GLUTEN FREE – SUGAR FREE – DAIRY FREE.  The only problem is….I never felt well after eating there and after a few tries realized they were not being honest and stopped going.  I’m sure you can see where this is heading and you’re right.  After 18 months of not eating there, my memory had softened to the experience and since I was already not feeling great decided to just go for it and take the risk.  My only regret is putting myself through undue suffering.  It is the gift this experience enlightened for me that made this step back a significant step forward. 

Cue the spiral of life, the turning wheel of our journey and the knowledge that when an experience presents itself once again, there is a beautiful opportunity for greater understanding and healing on an even deeper level.  How many times have we worked through healing our unresolved karma just to see it pop back up again as if it is testing us and our progress.  Did we see the red flags?  Did we learn the lesson?  Did the vibration shift?  Did I fall back into old patterns of behaviors and beliefs?  We see this in all areas of our life from relationships, friendships and family dynamic to jobs, habits, patterns and mindsets.

You think to yourself, I’ve healed that or it’s not so bad or insert some other justification before remembering why you chose to separate yourself from this piece.  You don’t like the way this feels.  This is not what you want to experience.  You remember and this time you choose to redirect after the first reminder instead of enduring a longer cycle once again.  This time you are aware of the lesson and the growth so you write yourself a warning note reminding yourself next time exactly why you are not going down this road again.  And you don’t because now you are aware.  You have grown. You have healed.  You have chosen YOU.  It’s ok if you find yourself in an uncomfortable experience once again.  The gift within the discomfort is the opportunity to heal on an even deeper level creating expansion and growth through out your entire being.

February 26, 2024 | Heather Harti, Soul Star Inspired Wellness

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