About Us!

Heather Harti is a holistic wellness practitioner holding space to help others heal on a physical, spiritual, and energetic level by focusing on deep relaxation, self care and energetic healing through inspired wellness.

After a lifetime of curiosity, an obsession with crystals, and years of on-going struggle and drastic life changes, Heather's spiritual and healing journey began in 2019 as she embarked on the transformational experience of living with chronic illness.  It is by no coincidence that these events occurred for she truly believes it was her soul that kept hope alive within her heart and brought her into this space to help others through her own experiences.

Heather has completed extensive training in multiple healing modalities that she hopes will help others to find the love, hope and healing that made her own life worth sharing.

  • Universal Rays Level 3 Practitioner*
  • Advanced Crystal Practitioner*
  • Vibrational Sound Therapy Practitioner
  • Access Consciousness® Bars Practitioner*

* Indicates Certification