Expansion Through Connection

As a Jani Tara and caretaker of the earth, the essence of my soul calls for me to create expansion through connection and community.  To say that doesn’t come easily for me as an introvert is an understatement yet I crave the energetic exchange that can only happen when we choose to open our hearts to one another.  

This journey that we walk is one unique to each of us, often cycling through expansion and contraction much like the seasons of Mother Earth.  Often we are called to go within so that we can embrace our shadows and discover our light.  I too have moved through this season, learning how to love and honor all that I am in solitude.  As I emerge from my little hermit hidey hole, I am hit with a deep need for connection.  

True soul level connection.

I am grateful for the time spent in darkness as it cleared away that which no longer serves me and created space for me to call in the resonance of my being.  Calling in you.  My soul family.  One who sees there is more to this life than the third dimensional realm leads us to believe.  A bright shining infinite being of light having a human experience in co-creation with the Divine.  We are not meant to walk this journey alone for we are all one.  Through the embrace of connection and community, we experience a greater expansion of our being as we heal, grow and open to all that we are.  

Through connection we open our heart and shine our beautiful light. 

November 15, 2022 | Heather Harti, Soul Star Inspired Wellness

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