From Darkness To The Light

Spring is here and like the many kingdoms of Mother Earth once again emerging from darkness, so do we as we gently step forward into the light. There is a misconception that darkness means pain, suffering, confusion and a sense of hopelessness.  Yet like a seed planted deep within the soil, darkness is a time for quiet contemplation, growth, and an opportunity to allow the intentions of our heart to take root with the anticipation of stepping into the light to expand and grow.  April shows us the first signs of something new arising yet we may still experience the shadows of our aspects as we move forward.  

April begins and ends with the New Moon however ending hand in hand with a Solar Eclipse known as a Black Moon Eclipse Portal.  The New Moon is a time for setting intentions but how does the eclipse affect our manifestations?  The Black Moon Eclipse Portal presents the opportunity to do your shadow work and resolve karma.  It’s a great time for healing and energy work while focusing on what you want to bring into your life.  By holding your shadows in love, you create space for something new to spring forth in your life.  

While thinking about shadow work, I stumbled across a journal excerpt I wrote about my own experiences facing the parts of myself that have experienced pain and trauma.  What I found through facing my own shadows created a profound shift into the light.       

    “As you trust your intuition and follow the guided inspiration, you begin to discover your true path and purpose.  Your true self, your light.  You work through all the shitty , painful and unthinkable parts your life.  Your human experience.  All the traumas, all the choices and behaviors and things you aren’t proud of and you work through that no matter how hard it is because when you can finally face the shadows you hide from, you shed light onto the truth.  You have the opportunity to accept, learn, and release everything that torments you. You have the opportunity to grow and to change from it.  Find compassion for yourself and others because for it.  You are not the sum of all your faults and failures.  You are so much more than what you think defines you.  You are magnificent.  You have a light that shines so bright, all you need to do is embrace it.  Find your way back to your heart space and allow the walls of pain to crumble away.  Allow yourself to love.  Allow yourself to feel safe in that space because you are.  You are loved.  You are supported.  You are safe.  You are here for a reason.”

The work we do facing our shadows is never done.  The spiral of life will always circle back around to allow an even deep understanding of the energy we hold allowing the gift of wisdom as we learn to hold compassion and unconditional love for all parts of our being.  If you are ready to continue the journey of working with your shadows, I invite you to step into a space of healing to bring all that you hold in separation into the light.

April 7, 2022 | Heather Harti, Soul Star Inspired Wellness

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