Into The Light

As we fully emerge from the shadows of winter, the energies we moved through in the darkness rise up as we turn to the light.  This is an emotional time filled with old patterns and beliefs, triggers and reactions coming to the surface to be accepted and held in love as we choose to let go of what no longer serves us so that we can fully embrace the new.  It’s not easy facing your fears and insecurities or the clash of who you once were with who you are becoming.  It takes courage to heal and open yourself to something new.  To surrender and allow the unfolding of the Divine Plan.  

I too have spent the last few months turned inward, allowing myself to sit with pain, fear, uncertainty, confusion, and the parts of myself I am not proud of.  My previous default would be to slip into self judgement and anger but this time, I chose to surrender.  I chose to become the observer of the unresolved energy that I hold.  To let go and allow the discomfort to teach me.  It wasn’t always easy and I definitely wasn’t perfect, but each time I slipped back into old behaviors, there was always an opportunity to try again.  When shifting my perspective to see my experiences from the lens of the Universal Laws, I am reminded that the energy I hold will be what I attract into my life and my external environment is the mirror reflecting those pieces of myself back.  It’s so easy to go into reaction and feel as though everything is happening to me.  When I surrender and allow myself to be held in love, I have the space to become curious.  If this is happening for my highest potential, what is this experience teaching me about myself?  What unresolved karma is surfacing to be healed?  What parts of my being are asking to be embraced?  It is then that I am able to release judgement of others and ultimately, judgement of myself.  By holding a space of compassion for the unresolved parts of my being, I am able to begin healing, creating expansion of my consciousness and my light.

May 7, 2023 | Heather Harti, Soul Star Inspired Wellness

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