Let Go & Go With The Flow

So often we find ourselves in resistance to surrendering to the Divine. Old programs and beliefs tell us that in doing so we have to give up our choices and our desires. Many hold the belief that to surrender means to live a life in service at the cost of happiness and prosperity.

What if those beliefs are simply an illusion?

What if choosing to surrender to Divine Will actually allows us to have everything and more?

What if the flow of the Divine takes us to a state of joy we never imagined possible?

Our highest potential sits within the heart of the Divine plan. By allowing ourselves to surrender and allow, we don’t have to choose between one or the other. We get to be filled with peace, joy and love while being of service to the light. Practice letting go and shift into wonder as you allow the Divine to guide you to exactly where you need to be in each moment and observe the shift within you as you flow within the light 💖

June 1, 2023 | Heather Harti, Soul Star Inspired Wellness

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