Secrets of Starlight Tarot Reading


Tap into the starry realms of the universe to receive guidance from the Divine! This 3 card tarot reading will illuminate the secrets held within the stars to provide you with the guidance and wisdom that will assist you along your spiritual path. Whether you have a specific focus or simply open to receiving what you need to know at this time, allow the Divine to guide you into alignment with your highest potential!

All personal tarot readings are pre-recorded and emailed to you within 5 business days of purchase. It is advised to review the provided guidelines and disclaimer prior to purchase.
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You must be 18 years or older to purchase this reading.

Please advise the following topics that will NOT be covered in any of our tarot card readings:
– Health and Medical advice or outcomes
– Pregnancy predictions or outcomes
– Financial advice or outcomes
– Legal advice or outcomes

Tarot card readings are a snapshot in time based on the current projection of energy. The direction and flow of energy is subject to change at any time due to the free will of all beings here on earth. You always have a choice in how you move forward along your journey and in the creation of your reality.

Tarot card readings are for inspiration and entertainment purposes only and should never take the place of professional advice. You are responsible for the actions you choose to take and Soul Star Inspired Wellness will not be held liable for the outcomes of your choices.

By purchasing your personal tarot reading, you agree to the above guidelines and disclaimers as provided by Sou Star Inspired Wellness.


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