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Discover your Divine Plan on Earth with a Soul Chart Reading!  Your Soul Chart is like a map highlighting the types of consciousness you came here to master or experience in this lifetime and the areas in which you may need to focus your attention or resolve karma to manifest your fullest potential.  Each Ray holds a unique consciousness with lower and higher polarities that will effect different areas of your life.  This 1 hr session is the first step in a Universal Rays Healing, which shows you which rays you have in each expression of your being.  
*PLEASE NOTE: The Soul Chart Reading does not include the energetic healing or karmic work of a Universal Rays Healing Session.  To schedule a Universal Rays Healing Session that includes a Soul Chart Reading as well as the energetic healing and karmic work, please CLICK HERE


At your first session of a Universal Rays Healing you will receive a Soul Reading, which will tell you what Universal Rays govern your life.

SOUL RAY – This will tell you why you are here and what your soul has come to learn so it can evolve.

MONAD RAY (collective consciousness) – This will tell you what you are being asked to resolve and release.

EGO RAY – This will tell you how you see yourself and wish to show to the world.

EMOTIONAL RAY – this will tell you how you express your emotions and how these affect your life.

MENTAL RAY – This will tell you how you think and use your intellect and how this affects your life.

PHYSICAL RAY – This will tell you how you work with your physical body (the vehicle of your soul) and how you interact with your physical environment.

ANCESTRAL RAY – This will tell you the gift you are here to give to your family bloodline through your example – ‘walking your talk’.

The Universal Rays are the creation principles that govern all sentient beings with free will in this Universe. They are the principles that manifest the divine plan.

These rays of conscious intention originate in the heart of Source and govern manifestation into matter. The Elohim are the dispersers of these rays throughout the Universe and 12 Ascended Masters are the gateway keepers or guardians of these principles for humanity on Earth.

For the first time, these 12 Ascended Masters have given us a channelled healing therapy that we may use to assist humanity to connect more deeply with these creation principles and align with the divine plan.

This healing therapy assists us to heal our ancient wounds and step into Self Mastery on Earth.

Universal Rays Healing is a powerful and transformational healing process that is channeled through direct contact with the Ascended Masters of Light.

The mastery and consciousness of the Universal Rays is channeled as healing energy to you to assist you to live your Divine Truth.

This healing therapy supports you to transform your consciousness on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. When you shift your consciousness true healing may occur on all levels of your being.

Universal Rays Healing assists you to move into balance in your life on many levels and may be targeted to specific areas that need assistance and support to harmonise and re-align.

This healing therapy works with the assistance of a set of channelled cards that assist your soul to tell the healer what it wishes you to address on your healing journey. This is very specific guidance that assists the healer to work with the correct energy for you at the time of the healing.

The powerful consciousness of the Universal Rays is channeled from the Ascended Masters by the healer and sent to your chakras, meridians and energy bodies, as well as your physical body to shift what is in resistance or in deep pain so it can let go and surrender.

The Universal Rays healer is specifically attuned to 5 Angelic healers and the 12 Ascended Masters, which they channel during the healing session. Many clients say that during the session they can often feel someone holding their feet or hands, even when the healer has stopped working!

The Universal Rays healer works to release old unresolved karma and consciousness that you no longer need to hold onto that is causing you distress and dis-ease in your life.

Universal Rays Healing is a profound healing therapy that assists the person to shift the consciousness they are holding to a new and en-lightened level.

The Ascended Masters, who designed the Universal Rays Healing therapy, have been offering their loving service to humanity for thousands of years. Their mission is to assist and support humanity to shift our consciousness and lift our vibration to a higher level for the greater good of all mankind.

The Masters say that when we shift our consciousness we change our actions and behaviour and this in turn affects the energy we use to manifest our reality on the Earth.

So we change our reality.

The Masters say until our consciousness is changed there can be no true healing on all levels of our being.

It is energy with intention – either conscious or unconscious intention. Consciousness holds resolved or unresolved karma.

This includes all the beliefs, perceptions, thought forms, and programs that you hold. Your consciousness guides your energy to action.

Energy is the wave of vibration that you use to create action and movement. You use energy to manifest your reality.

The healer works with the loving and powerful Prana energy from the Earth Mother and the 5 angels of healing to prepare all the energy bodies and chakras so they may open to receive the transformational energy of the Universal Rays that is channeled from the Ascended Masters by the healer.

The Universal Rays are channeled from the Masters through your chakras, meridians, organs (if needed) and energy body to bring about transformation and alignment.

At times the person may feel a large flooding of light, sometimes heat and energy moving through their being.

Sometimes the energy may be very emotional and there may be emotional and/or physical releases.

The Universal Rays Healing continues for many days or even weeks after the session and clients may often feel huge shifts in their thinking and way of being after this time.

Clients say they understand so much better what is happening in their lives after this work

You may feel a big shift in the way you see your world and begin to understand why you make the choices that you do.

You feel supported to make new choices that serve you to reach a higher potential in your life.

We often see a big shift in physical limitations when the client opens to receive the Universal Rays.

The Universal Rays Healing is a modality channeled and created by I’neasa Mabu Ishtar of the Ashram of the One Heart.


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