Anchor Your Light

When we think about ascension and enlightenment, often times we direct our focus to tapping into our third eye, working with our higher chakras and light bodies, and connecting with the angels, masters and our guides.  It’s easy to get swept up in the expansiveness of all that you are and your life on earth may start to look and feel distorted and separate in some way.  This happened to me last summer.  I had experienced so much expansion in such a short amount of time and wasn’t remembering to ground my energy.  I wasn’t allowing my physical body the time and space to integrate and settle into the energetic changes occurring within my being.  I was disconnected from my human experience.  

I was guided to reconnect with nature.  To spend time in silence feeling the heartbeat of Mother Earth.  Listening to the wisdom of the trees and baring witness to the sheer beauty and wonder we are blessed with every single day.  We are here, on this earth, for a reason.  Everything we need is already within and around us in each moment.  All we have to do is connect in.  Anchor our lights within the heart of Mother Earth so that we can move forward in alignment with the Divine plan.

September 8. 2022 | Heather Harti, Soul Star Inspired Wellness

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