Discovery Through Surrender

One of the biggest challenges we face is stepping outside of the story and allowing the truth to be revealed.  Accepting all for what it is while our reactions, emotions and unhealed traumas are being triggered.  It’s not always easy to surrender when the tidal wave comes crashing down, yet just like swimming in the ocean, resistance makes the tumble harder to move through.  

The past several weeks have presented a set of waves that uprooted trauma’s and patterns I had so neatly kept tucked away.  As you may have noticed, growth doesn’t occur in your comfort zone and as I walk this path in my light, it was time for healing on a deeper level.  I was presented with people and situations that tumbled me through an array of emotions and I’ll be honest when I say, it wasn’t always pretty.  Days spent crying, feeling lost, depressed, confused and being forced to look at my self through the multicolored lens of who I was and who I am now.  I find it by no coincidence that this occurred as I was creating the Self Love Challenge because the tools I was putting into place were there to support me in seeing things from a different perspective and allowing me the opportunity to hold myself in love.  

It begins within.  

When we step outside of the story and stop blaming others for what we experience, we begin to see that we have co-created our reality and attracted into our lives the exact right people and situations to help us grow.  Others are simply a reflection of the energy we hold.  Becoming the observer and surrendering to the process allows us to step back and discover the truth within.

July 8, 2022 | Heather Harti, Soul Star Inspired Wellness

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