Healing Through The Experience

I’m working on healing from past experiences and as much as I move through the memories identifying limiting beliefs and holding myself in love, it isn’t until I am face with a triggering experience again that an opportunity presents to put healing into motion.

It is in the active reaction that you can observe what is happening within you. What belief systems you default to even when you have been working to shift and form new beliefs through your healing process. Acknowledging what e-motions are coming up for you and truly seeing yourself and others through the lens of the observer.

You have a choice in that moment of awareness to continue down the path of old patterns and behaviors or to stop, shift and move forward from your heart with compassion and love.

This happened to me today. I was triggered, unprovoked and I lashed out in anger around past experiences. It wasn’t deserved, it was hurtful and was misplaced. I couldn’t stop myself in the moment even though I was actively observing the experience unfold. I took a moment in private to digest what had just occurred, took full responsibility for my behavior and went directly to face my shame and apologize.

Part of healing is being vulnerable enough to admit when you are wrong and hurtful to others. Being vulnerable with yourself to hold those parts of your being in love. It’s ok to not be perfect in your healing process. Sometimes the greatest change happens in the heart of the moment where we can put into action the tools and perspectives we have gained. Lean into the discomfort of your experiences and embrace the gift of healing they bring

July 21, 2023 | Heather Harti, Soul Star Inspired Wellness

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