If It’s Meant To Be, It Will Find A Way

Trusting the Divine plan can be one of the hardest parts of our journey. How many times have you asked or even begged for your hearts desires only to be faced with silence? I can honestly say I have repeatedly crashed into this brick wall time and time again, turning to the Divine in anger and frustration then ultimately succumbing to the limiting beliefs I hold that I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy, I’m a failure, what’s the point of trying.

What if I am being asked to pause. What if I am not seeing what’s happening beneath the surface. What if all of my perceived failures are actually building the foundation of what IS coming. What if I am being redirected to something better. What if this is an opportunity to heal. What if I let go of expectation. What if I stop trying to control the outcome and simply choose to surrender to the Divine plan.

What is meant for you will always find a way. There is nothing you can do to stop what is divinely planned for you and there is nothing you can do to make something happen that is not. Trust that you are here for a reason. Trust that you are held and supported each step of the way. Trust that all is unfolding for your highest potential. Let go of control. Let go of the disappointment. Let go of your own timeline and trust the timing of the Divine. You are made from love and love will guide each step of the way. Follow your heart being present in each moment and when you choose to live authentically in alignment with all that you are and all that is, you will see the magic of the Divine unfold abundantly for you in ways you never could have imagined.

August 26, 2023 | Heather Harti, Soul Star Inspired Wellness

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