Honoring All That You Are

Looking back at this past year, I am humbled by the tremendous weight of my experiences both painful and expansive.  Around every corner I faced yet another soul expanding opportunity for growth, acceptance, discovery and surrender.  As we move through our journey here on earth it is so easy to get caught up in the motion of life, forgetting the greater scope and deeper meaning to all we encounter.  When we shift our focus inward we begin to discover who we truly are.  What brings us joy and what triggers our pain.  As we identify and begin to break down the cycles and facade of what once was we often find ourselves in this voidal space.  Stillness in the silence, ever present in the moment not knowing what’s to come but knowing in your heart that all is in order with the Divine plan.   

As this chapter comes to a close, I am in gratitude for the opportunity to look back at my experiences and honor the journey I have taken.  Honor the me I discovered along the way and choosing to embrace the shadows and the light.  I acknowledged and accepted a lot of really uncomfortable parts of myself but I also fell in love even more deeply with who I am.  I am learning how to open my heart to receive the blessings and abundance the universe always brings into my life, choosing to let go of my fears and judgements and surrender fully.  It’s not easy, I am a recovering perfectionist who likes to be prepared, but I am choosing me.   I am choosing to honor all that I am.   

What have you discovered about yourself over the last year? 

What are you choosing to embrace and what are you choosing to release as you step into the new year? 

How do you want to show up in the world and what do you desire to call into your experience moving forward? 

As you honor this chapter of your life and turn your gaze to the future, now is the perfect time to reflect on all you have experienced, what you have learned, how you have grown and all you have accomplished while identifying the life you want to create.

December 31, 2023 | Heather Harti, Soul Star Inspired Wellness

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