What Are You Choosing To Create?

I was having a discussion with a friend recently about how powerful our thoughts and beliefs are in creating our reality. The Law of Resonance reminds us that like attracts like and when we become a vibrational match to a person, place, experience, idea or belief, we become a magnet pulling it in.

How often do you stop to observe your thoughts and beliefs? Sometimes these are so deeply seated in our being we don’t even realize the ways in which they surface. Look at what is happening outside of you and you will begin to see the energy you hold within you.

Manifestation attempts not working?

What limiting beliefs do you hold around what you are calling in?

Noticing a pattern of partners and friends that seem to trigger the same feelings within you?

What limiting beliefs are they supporting that you hold about yourself?

Are you cycling the same experiences from the past through your thoughts and stories?

Where have you created a limiting belief around your experience and how can you let go to let healing in?

How do you speak to yourself about yourself? How do you speak about others?

Where are you holding judgement and what limiting belief is restricting you from opening to love?

Become the observer of your thoughts and beliefs. Notice what is being attracted into your life and discover the unresolved energy you hold that is creating your current reality. Be gentle. Be open to seeing things differently. Allow your heart to soften and heal. You have the power to create anything you want in your life. Begin Within.

August 30, 2023 | Heather Harti, Soul Star Inspired Wellness

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