The Way of Love

Reflecting back, I see now what an expansive year I had working with love.  I don’t think I really understood the way this lesson flowed through so many of my experiences, even when I was consciously aware it was the focal point of what I was currently working through.  Selfless love and sacrifice for another, the pain of losing the greatest love I’ve ever experienced, unrequited love, recognizing the patterns of distorted love in my life, learning how to hold myself in love on an even deeper level, allowing my heart to open and receive unconditional love from others, and falling even more deeply in love with all that I am.

Unconditional love asks us to accept all for what it is without judgement or expectation however the human experiences attaches a diverse range of emotions to the concept of love causing us to fear love, desperately long for love, or to feel unworthy of love in any form.  How can we move through our experiences in a way that uncovers the truth?  How can we open our hearts to allow love in when it causes discomfort and pain?  It is in having the courage to face these shadow aspects of unresolved energy, leaning into the heartache and limiting beliefs, and allowing compassion and grace to lead the way.

Like the spiral of life, I too continue to work through this journey of love.  We are made from the essence of love and when we remember the heartbeat of all that we are, we begin to see the gifts that love provides.  As I work to face the parts of myself still in the shadows I pause to ask, how can I love myself in this moment?  How can I support the way of love?  It is in the choices we make in each moment that create the opportunity to love, to be loving, to love ourselves and to share our love with others.  It is in honoring love that we open our hearts to receive and to remember who we are.  To be the light that shines brightly. To be the hope and the love we so desperately seek.  Coming home to our hearts and the essence of love that we are. It begins within.

February 7, 2024 | Heather Harti, Soul Star Inspired Wellness

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