Use This Opportunity to Create Your Life

I have an incredibly expanded point of view when it comes to life.  I see the bigger picture, I see the whole as one, I understand the cosmic spider web as my dear friend Lauren so magically refers to the way in which all is connected.  Yet nothing hones my focus faster than abrupt disruption and chaos to my sense of safety and security.  Not just the threat of physical harm but also the more subtle core shaking experiences like the sudden loss of a loved one, unexpectedly being evicted with no where to go, the crumbling of a long term friendship or relationship that meets the final point of no return, facing major financial instability, having your safest spaces violated and dismantled, enduring harassment, intimidation and fear tactics directed at you…and all the fear, sadness, desperation, hopelessness and anger that arises from the shadows to greet you with the pain and discomfort they hold.  

How do you choose to face this opportunity?  Do you allow this experience to validate your limiting beliefs as you drown in the overwhelm or do you choose to allow this experience to create space for you to let go of what is no longer serving you so that you can heal and grow and expand into even more of your authentic self.  

The Law of Polarity teaches us that in the physical dimension all energy has a polarized or opposite vibration often referred to as duality yet all energy in this universe is created from the one source.  The Law of Polarity teaches you that an opposing force or different vibration of energy is just another end of the same energy wave.  For example sad vs happy, angry vs peaceful, rich vs poor, love vs hate and so on.  These energies represent both sides of the same coin in your awareness of duality yet they are made from the same source energy.  It is simply how you perceive this energy in each moment that creates your reality because you are a co-creator being, you have free will in the physical reality and have the ability to choose what vibration of energy you use to create your manifestations through your intention and focus.  The Law of Polarity reminds you that whatever you focus on will be what you create in your reality. Free will allows you to choose what you wish to bring into your reality so it’s important to choose wisely.

So when the chaos and disruptions shake your foundations, remember that this experience is an opportunity to create something new.  When fear overwhelms you, remember that excitement and fear come from the same energy and you get to choose which vibration you allow yourself to embody.  Embrace the fear that arises with compassion and love then allow it to flow and transform into the excitement of endless possibilities. 

What is this experience teaching you about yourself?

What if this is happening for you? 

What if all you desire is but one trust fall away? 

What if life is getting dismantled because this version of your experience is no longer serving you and this is clearing the way for something new to begin? 

Believe in all that you are.  Believe you are divinely protected, supported and loved.  You already have everything you need to withstand the storms within and around you.  Surrender and allow yourself to be transformed.  Choose to be excited about what is coming even when all you see is darkness.  Remember, the shadow can not exist without the light.  You are here for a divine purpose.  Trust the divine plan of your being.  Be the light of all that you are and allow your new life to begin 💖

March 23, 2024 | Heather Harti, Soul Star Inspired Wellness

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